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Happy New Year, Social Media and other news

Most of my social media presence has been on Facebook but I've recently branched out to Instagram. You can follow me there! Allison on Instagram

I realize that not everyone uses social media but they still want to be able to order necktie clutches from me. Well now anyone who can access the internet can see my current stock of available neckties to choose from!

Allison's Flickr Photostream

If you click on the link above it will take you to my Flickr account which is basically an image hosting site. I will update this album at the same time that I update my Facebook album with new neckties.

If you are interested in ordering a necktie clutch from me just shoot me an email to: and let me know which necktie you would like (copy and paste the image to make it easy for me to find the correct necktie). OR you can send me a necktie to transform into a necktie clutch.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!