Monday, January 30, 2012

Bret's 2nd Birthday Celebration Giveaway! - Closed

It's the moment you've all been waiting for....

A Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

My son, Bret turned 2 today.  We had a very exciting party for him yesterday which included:

some driveway hockey, some indoor mayhem with 7 kids under the age of 4...

...and of course cake!

Today is much more low-key, but I'm planning some fun for all my facebook fans!  I am giving away a $25 store credit to one fan to use on any in-stock or custom item from me.   

To enter:
-comment on this post with what you would buy with your credit if you won!  
-make sure you leave your name and email (you can use this format if desired:  allison_barnes <at> shaw <dot> ca) 
-only one comment per person will be counted.  If you leave more than one comment only your first comment will be entered.

The rules:
-you must be a facebook fan of Allison Barnes Collection (click here to be taken to my facebook page)
-the store credit is valid for 2 months from the end date of the giveaway
-the giveaway closes on Monday, February 6th at 8pm (ish)

If my facebook fan page reaches 100 or more fans before the end of the giveaway I will award a 2nd prize (TBD).  Winner(s) will be chosen randomly using and will be notified by email.  

Please share my page and my giveaway with your friends!  Help spread the word.  

Thanks and good luck!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My son is almost 2...

...I'm so excited that I want to give away something to my fans for free!  On Monday, January 30th - the day my boy turns 2 I will publish a new post to the blog with "the big giveaway surprise"!  To enter to win, all you will have to do is comment on that post.

All day today I've been cleaning, tidying, baking, shopping and getting things ready for his birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  I'm almost as excited for him as I was on Christmas morning. :)  I'll be sure to post some photos from his big day when we've recovered.

This is just a short blog post today - I have diaper laundry to stuff and put away, dishes to wash and a soon to be 2-year-old to get ready for bed. 

I hope you are as excited about the giveaway as I am - go spread the word to your friends and help my facebook fan page get to 100 fans!  I promise we'll have more fun if it does.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Welcome to Allison Barnes Collection "the blog"

Considering how gutsy my friend, Christine has been with starting up her new business this year, I've decided that I need to do more things to promote my business as well.  That is why you now see Allison Barnes Collection "the blog" before you.

I can't guarantee the regularity with which I'll be posting on this blog, but I hope to use it to connect with my friends and followers of both my personal and "professional" life.  Why is professional in quotes?  Well, I'm a stay-at-home-mom of a nearly 2-year-old son named Bret.  When my husband and I decided that I would stay at home to raise our son I knew that it was the right time for me to spread my creative wings.

Although I have a science background I always had a desire to be more creative.  Ah!  I've just had an idea...I want to show you some pictures of my creations from way back when.  That will be another post - those photos need to be scanned into the computer first. :)  Sorry to digress... With my year of maternity leave nearly complete and having informed my boss of my decision to stay home, I decided to try and sell some of my photographs.  I took an interest in photography about 10 years ago and took some pretty nice photos over the years, many of which are displayed on the walls all over my home.  I got so excited and planned and schemed up ideas of business names and how I wanted my etsy shop banner and avatar to look.  I literally took about 6 weeks to get everything "perfect" before opening my etsy shop.  Do you want to know how many photos I sold?.....  Just one photo, to a friend who bought it as a gift.  Thanks, Tina!

Were my hopes dashed?  Not in the slightest, because as I sat back after all my hard work of setting up the photo page, I relaxed by making mosaics.  Then the sewing started.  I brought out my little sewing machine that my mother-in-law gifted to me as a wedding shower present (a 5-year-old machine that had never been touched) and figured I would try to make Bret a wool soaker (for the new or non-cloth diapering families, a wool soaker is worn over a cloth diaper to be used in place of a plastic diaper cover).  I loved the soakers and longies (think long wool pants) I had bought from Sarah at Someday Sarah and with her guidance I sewed my first soaker and then my first pair of longies.   

About the same time we learned of my nephew Aidan's brain tumor.  Sewing was therapeutic - I think of nothing else when I sew.  I sewed a lot.  It's great stress relief for me.  I sewed a few soakers for some friends and then sold a few more in my etsy shop.  Although Aidan lost his battle with cancer just before Christmas, I continue to sew in his memory.

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to sell my woolies at a used cloth diaper sale in a neighboring community and the response was more than I could have hoped for!  My local customers are great - thank-you! 

One of my newest projects is sewing clutch purses from men's neckties.  They are so unique!  I've had some custom orders that have been fun to work on and I hope there will be many more to come.  You can see photos of all my creations on my facebook page Allison Barnes Collection.

Stay tuned for future posts and a giveaway coming at the end of Janurary!