Saturday, January 28, 2012

My son is almost 2...

...I'm so excited that I want to give away something to my fans for free!  On Monday, January 30th - the day my boy turns 2 I will publish a new post to the blog with "the big giveaway surprise"!  To enter to win, all you will have to do is comment on that post.

All day today I've been cleaning, tidying, baking, shopping and getting things ready for his birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  I'm almost as excited for him as I was on Christmas morning. :)  I'll be sure to post some photos from his big day when we've recovered.

This is just a short blog post today - I have diaper laundry to stuff and put away, dishes to wash and a soon to be 2-year-old to get ready for bed. 

I hope you are as excited about the giveaway as I am - go spread the word to your friends and help my facebook fan page get to 100 fans!  I promise we'll have more fun if it does.


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