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I'm packing up all my fabric, all my notions, all my yarn, all my wool sweaters....everything.  Well, I'm keeping SOME yarn out to work on a few orders.  :)

Best of all, while I pack up my things I keep imagining the new space where it will all live harmoniously!  In our current house I had all of the above stored in at least 5 different areas of the house.  Somewhat organized but NOT at all convenient. 

The only place I plan on keeping some yarn outside my new work room is in the family room, in a nice neat basket that I will store in one of the built-in cupboards!  Storage and organization here I come!

No more yarn-bombed couches...

Like this one! Oh, and since I'll have copious storage and space you better believe I'll be going on a wool sweater shopping spree when we're all settled in.  'Tis that time of year when my customers are wanting to order wool longies for the Fall and Winter months! In my next post I hope to share with you all about the gorgeous C…

Slacking Off

I know, I know.  Where's the one blog post a week?  Seriously. 

Needing to pack the house, keep up on orders and enjoy all that summer has to offer has put a wrench in my plans to keep this blog updated.  I swear I have ideas for posts. :)

Meanwhile, I've been sewing items for stocking in  our Hyenacart Conglomerate "Make It Canadian, Eh" which stocks every two weeks including today!  Previews will be posted as of 3pm Eastern Standard Time with shopping opening at 7pm EST.  Here is a link for you to check it out: Make It Canadian, Eh on Hyenacart

Here's a photo to show you my current sewing/work area:

What you don't see is the mess of papers, yarn, buttons, patterns, post-it notes about moving stuff, shipping supplies hiding behind my computer's monitor.  We can't wait to move into our new house - including a new workspace for me!  I'll be going from an approximately 80 sq.ft work room that doubles as an office to at least double the size with a …

Getting Through the Pattern Stash

I’m sure many crocheters and knitters out there would agree that they have a long list of patterns to try and not enough time to make them all!At the beginning of 2013 I took one of those free calendars and marked up the entire thing with patterns I want to promote/test out every month.Trying to stick to it is a little difficult sometimes when life gets busy but for the most part I’ve been keeping on track.I’ve scratched a few patterns off the “must make” list including:
These tiaras/crowns (pattern by All Tied Up In Knots).
This flower beanie (Perenni hat pattern by Addydae Designs).
This prairie-style bonnet (pattern by Creations by Valorie). This chevron bonnet (pattern by Simply Hookin It).
This team football helmet (adapted from the pattern by Cute & Crafty Crochet).
I’ve also made some slippers (can’t believe I don’t have photos of them!) for a friend’s birthday.

What’s coming up you ask?More team sports inspired hats!I have plans to offer another football inspired hat (with or wi…


It's high time for another blog post, don't you think?

My Facebook updates can be awfully wordy and that's what a blog is for, isn't it?

So I'm going to try and post more regularly on the blog - going to attempt one post a week - shocking, I know!

Lots has been happening in ABC-land and I'll be revealing pieces to you over the next few weeks in my blog posts.  Today is going to be a less wordy post from me (I hope) because I mostly just want to show you some photos of the sun hats and bucket hats I've been making.  I'm still fine-tuning the brim length of the bucket hats because I find they are still a little "wavy" for my taste.  But I love the wavy-effect on the sun hats.  I've also decided that the sun hats are much more wearable with a layer of interfacing, otherwise the brim can fall into your eyes at times.

Without further ado - some photos for you!

Allison Barnes Collection 1,234 Fan Celebration Winners!

Hey all! After much debacle I've decided to post the winners names & their prizes here on my blog. You will have 24 hours from the time of this post to check to see if you are a winner. Vendors have the email address of their winners to cross reference and make sure we have the correct person (in the case of same names).

* New winner drawn

Sew Eco - Tiffany Zavulunov
*Snugabug Stitches - Aryn Nichols
* Bombshell Bronzed Spray Tanning - Stephanie Turner
Flutterby Kisses - Ariana Martinez
Angela's Tupperware - Valerie Lecher Nygaard
Family Funk - Linsey Fowler
Scraps and Stamps - Amanda Alford
Javita - Angela Morris
VE Originals - Brandy Marie Williams
Pipestone Soaps - Kristel Stacey
A La Carte Designs - Jodie Munshaw
Creative Creations - Linsey Fowler
*Someday Sarah - Jean Yap
Simplistic by Sondra - Karen Stenson-Moar
Christine Danis - Independent Scentsy Consultant - Georgia Hatheway Beckman
*Steaksauce Photography - Amanda Alford
Magazine Mama - Chloe White

A Must-Have for Any Occasion!

Do you love finding one-of-a-kind items and showing them off to your friends?  Do you like to accessorize every outfit just right?  My clutch purses are an affordable way to add a dash of uniqueness to your day!

Perfect as a "going out" bag when heading to a party, wedding or out on a date - my clutches fit all your basic necessities such as your phone, cash, keys and some gloss!

Or are you a photographer looking to streamline the amount of things you have to carry?  Ditch your huge camera bag when all you really need is your camera around your neck and a few extras!  Put your extra battery, SD cards, filters, business cards and more in your clutch.  Wear it cross-body so it doesn't swing in your way and you're set!

New, ready-to-ship clutches will be added every week to my facebook page (CLICK HERE FOR MY FACEBOOK PAGE).  Come and be a fan so you can grab a clutch while it's fresh of my sewing machine!  Or, browse my album of available neckties (ALBUM LINK) so I…

Some New Things Happening at Allison Barnes Collection!

Hey ABC fans!  Long time no post. :)  I've been busy working on crocheting for custom orders, trying out some new free patterns I've found online, as well as trying to find some time to sew clutch purses again.

New year = new priorities

I'm so excited for the 2013 edition of the Bridal Fantasy magazine to drop - why?  My clutches will be a feature product!  A product shoot was done back in November 2012 and the magazine drops January 15th!  If you're heading to one of the Bridal Fantasy shows in Edmonton or Calgary this year or doing any shopping (or suit rentals) at Derk's Formals don't forget to pick up your own issue of Bridal Fantasy magazine to check out my clutches!  More info about Bridal Fantasy HERE

I also have a few clutches in a retail location on a trial basis until the end of February, so we'll see how that goes!  If you ever get a chance to check out Rutherford House on the University of Alberta campus it's worth a look - a beautifully res…