Saturday, August 17, 2013


I'm packing up all my fabric, all my notions, all my yarn, all my wool sweaters....everything.  Well, I'm keeping SOME yarn out to work on a few orders.  :)

Best of all, while I pack up my things I keep imagining the new space where it will all live harmoniously!  In our current house I had all of the above stored in at least 5 different areas of the house.  Somewhat organized but NOT at all convenient. 

The only place I plan on keeping some yarn outside my new work room is in the family room, in a nice neat basket that I will store in one of the built-in cupboards!  Storage and organization here I come!

No more yarn-bombed couches...

Like this one!
Oh, and since I'll have copious storage and space you better believe I'll be going on a wool sweater shopping spree when we're all settled in.  'Tis that time of year when my customers are wanting to order wool longies for the Fall and Winter months!
In my next post I hope to share with you all about the gorgeous Chunky Circle Scarves I'll be making come September....I've ordered all the yarn; it's on its way!

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  1. Allison!!! I love this! Yarn bomb! Cute :) I can't wait to see your new space and hear about chunky scarves! Love the new theme too!!!