Friday, June 01, 2012

My Birthday Bash Giveaway - Prize 1 - Custom Recycled Wool Soaker

Prize # 1 up for grabs is a custom recycled wool soaker valued at $16.  You can choose from any in-stock wool sweater, or request a certain colour that I can shop for at the thrift store, or if you're local you can provide a wool sweater of your own.   I will gladly add an applique to the bum if desired, using in-stock wool scraps.  Waistband and leg cuffs will be made of recycled wool, or you can upgrade to natural coloured interlock for $6.  I will pay for shipping (lettermail within Canada, light packet to USA).

To enter:
 1. You must be a fan of my facebook page: click here to like my Facebook page
 2.  Leave one comment below telling me your name, email address and what size/colour soaker you would choose if you won.  If you do not leave your name, or if your username in the comment section is unidentifiable as you on my Facebook page then your entry will not count.  I must be able to verify that you are a fan of my Facebook page.
3.  If you are a new fan and someone has referred you to my Facebook page and giveaway, please also leave THEIR name in your comment (eg. Suzie Q referred me) so that they get their bonus entries.

Don't forget that new referrals get you additional entries into the giveaway!

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the USA, and is not affiliated in any way with Facebook.

A winner will be chose via after June 3rd and will be contacted via email as notification of winning.  Winners will not be posted on Facebook until they have first received notice via email.

Good luck!


  1. Charity Janzen for sure I would go with a brown and green stripe!!! Not sure about sizing. I have a 15 pound boy. Hehe. What an awesome giveaway!!! Thank you for the wonderful chance!

  2. Daniela
    I would choose the multicolored striped one. Size would probably be a medium.My girl is close to 17lbs.
    Great giveaway:)
    Thank you so much!

  3. JC Martin I would love it to be pink and size Small-medium.

  4. Jen Pellegore
    I would like something pinkish maybe in a size Med. :)

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I *need* more wool for the summer, so this would be great! I love all things striped or argyle for my 21 pound boy (so, large, maybe?).

    Candice Scatliff (at gmail dot com)

  6. Crystal Braun Selluski

    I would love a girly patterned soaker for my 21 lb girl (large probably).

  7. Tanya Jenkins

    I would love a multiple colored striped size large for my DS

  8. Karen Lohmann-Arbour,

    I would love anything boyish for my 23m very tall ds not sure what size but should I win I can send you his measurements! THanks for hte chance at winning a beautiful cover

  9. Sosanna bo bana on FB is my email address and I would like a large size boyish soaker for my son :) thanks for the giveaway

  10. Shawna Mitchell,

    I would love a boyish soaker in size medium'ish (17lbs). I love blue/green, or warm colours like orange/yellow. Thank you!

  11. Jeannette Simmons
    a funky boy style... don't know what size. Anvil is 2 mos but in 3-6mos clothes, tho his waist is small, he's loong.

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love a blue striped or patterned soaker for Ethan. Measurements would be provided if I win. (PS - the green and grey soaker you made him over 6 months ago still fits him!! :)

    Jen Dubois

  13. Love your wool items!

    I would choose a boy colored soaker in size small for my new baby boy. I don't have any soakers for him yet.

    Kristen Bobbitt
    newmummylove at yahoo dot ca

    Thanks! :)

  14. Lois FB user name Zach N Lois Chapo
    I think I would need a size large and I would love for it to be either the tan or blue argyle you have in your in stock album.
    Very cute wool!
    discoveringmotherhood at gmail dot com

  15. A boy coloured soaker in Med or Lg

    Jessica Regan
    casper022980 at hotmail dot com

  16. Thank you for the giveaway!

    I'd choose the Orange Soaker in size Medium. SO cute!!

    Facebook: Jeniffer Sheriff Smith
    Email: elwingarwen at yahoo dot com

  17. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I'd love a neutral blue-green soaker in small or medium with one of your adorable appliques.

    FB name Olivia Lambert Lasting
    olivialasting at gmail dot com

  18. I would love a Gn or girly large soaker (26.5 lb 9 mth old!) you have such nice things. Happy birthday!


  19. I would love to win a boy/neutral soaker in small (for a new baby.) Thank you!

  20. Jessica Baker
    I would love another wool soaker! I would like a boy colour, but I'm not fussy as to *what* boy colour, and probably about a medium, maybe on the larger end of medium? Thanks for doing this!

  21. serena ewasiuk3 June 2012 at 12:46
    I'd love a gn or boyish soaker in m/l. Patterns or something zany would be awesome too!
    Thanks! : )
    serena ewasiuk

    Stephanie Polen Reed on Facebook.

    I would love a boyish color. I love the grey blue and green stripe in the picture. My son will be born in August so I would like a size small probably. Thanks!!!

    Stephanie Cluff on FB
    I would love to try a wool soaker for my super heavy wetter son. He's 30lbs, so probably an XL if available but would be able to confirm sizing with his measurements if I were lucky enough to win. As for the pattern something fun his little sister won't mind growng into:)

  24. Andrea Lockhart's email address is, and she would drool excessively is she won a soaker in Large for chunky monkey Sullivan!

  25. Chelsea Dayle
    Andrew would love something boyish - he's 17lbs and 26" he's super skinny & 9 months.